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The Milkmaid Folk Club

Patrons:John Renbourn (RIP), Anthony John Clarke, Dave Pegg, Damien Barber







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Al Lindsay

Alan Burke

Alistair Russell

Allan Taylor

Amy Hart & Wayne Goldsmith


Andy Caven

Anthony John Clarke

Backyard Band

Beck Sian

Bella Hardy & Chris Sherburn

Beverly Smith & Carl Jones

Bob Fox


Boo Hewerdine

Bram Taylor

Brass Monkey (apex)

Brian Peters

Brian Peters & Gordon Tyrrell

Brian Willoughby & Catherine Craig


Brooks Williams

Cara Dillon (apex)

Carlene Anglim & Ali


Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley

Chris While & Julie Matthews

Chris Wood

Claude Bourbon

Clive Carroll

Cloud Street

Craobh Rua


Damien Barber & Mike Wilson

Dan McKinnon

Dana & Sue Robinson

Dangerous Curves


Dave Burland

Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

Dave Swarbrick & Kevin Dempsey

Dave Swarbrick & Martin Carthy

Deidre Cunningham

Demon Barber Roadshow (apex)

Demon Barbers

Derek Brimstone

Dick Gaughan

Dis Dizley

Drop The Box

Eddie Walker

Eileen McGann

Ewan McLennan

Expatriate Game

Fairport Acoustic Convention (apex)

Fairport Convention (apex)

Fay Hield Trio

Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland


Flossie Malavaille

Harvey Andrews

Heidi Talbot

Hew & Tony Williams

Hickman & Quinn

Ian Bruce

Isaac Guillory

Isla St Clair

Issy & David Emeney with Kate Riaz

Jackie Oates

James Fagan & Nancy Kerr

James Gordan

Jeremy Taylor

Jez Lowe

Jilly Darby

John Cooper Clarke

John Kirkpatrick

John Renbourn

John Renbourn & Clive Carroll

John Renbourn & Robin Williamson

John Renbourn, Wizz Jones & Clive Carroll (apex)

John Ward & Mario

Johnny Dickinson

Johnny Silvo

Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings

Judy Cook

June Tabor & The Oyster Band (apex)

Karine Polwart (apex)

Kate Rusby

Kathryn Tickell (apex)

Keiren Halpin

Kenny Speirs & Joe Wright

Kenny Spiers & Judy Dinning

Kent Duchaine

Kevin Dempsey & Dave Swarbrick

Kevin Dempsey & Joe Broughton

Kiss The Mistress

La Mere Folle

Last Nights Fun

Les Barker

Little Johnny England

Liz Simcock Band


Maggie Holland

Marry Waterson & Oliver Knight

Martin Carthy

Martin Carthy & Chris Parkinson

Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick

Martin Carthy, Norma Waterson and Mike Waterson

Martin Simpson

Martin Simpson Band (apex)

Martin Wyndham Read

Mary Humphries & Anahata

Maurice Dickson


Michael Chapman

Mike Silver

Monroes Revenge

Monsieur Pantin



Na Dorsa

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan

Nathan & Quinn

Nathan Rogers

Noel Murphy

Oliver Knight & Marry Waterson (apex)

Partners In Crime

Patti Veta & Alan Franks

Paul Downes

Peggy Seeger

Peggy Seeger & The Watersons

Penni McLaren Walker

Penni McLaren Walker & Bryan Causton

Pete Castle

Pete Coe

Pete Morton

Pete Morton, Maggie Boyle & Chris Parkinson

Pete Morton, Roger Wilson & Chris Parkinson

Peter & Barbara Snape

Richard Digance

Richard Grainger & Chris Parkinson

Roland Chadwick

Rory McLeod

Rory McLeod & Amy Leonard

Roy Bailey

Roy Bailey & Tony Benn

Sally Barker

Sam Carter

Sara Gray & Kieron Means

Shep Woolley

Shooglenifty (apex)

Show of Hands (apex)

Sid Kipper

Sound Tradition

Speirs & Wright

Spiers & Boden (apex)

Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart

Steeleye Span (apex)

Stefan Grossman

Steve Ashley

Steve Gillette & Cindy Magneson

Steve Phillips

Steve Tilston



Tania Opland & Mike Freeman

The 3 Daft Monkeys (apex)

The Amazing Mr Smith

The Badgers

The Bounty Hounds

The Carrivick Sisters

The Carrolls

The Demon Barber Roadshow (apex)

The Fay Hield Trio

The Floozies

The James Gang

The John Wright Band

The Malingerers

The New Essex Bluegrass Band

The Tom McConville Band

The Watersons

The Witches of Elswick

Tom McConville & Pauline Cato

Tom Napper & Tom Bliss

Tommy Emmanuel

Valery Vaughn

Vicki Clayton

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Vin Garbutt

Wall to Wall


William Pint & Felicia Dale

Wizz Jones

Woody Mann


A list of Artists who have appeared as a main act

at The Milkmaid