The Milkmaid Folk Club

Upcoming Gigs 2023

17th February Showcase Kelly & Wooley
3rd March Concert Dave Gibb
17th March Showcase Arfur Doo and the Toerags
7th April Concert Paul & Liz Davenport
14th April Concert Ray Cooper
5th May Concert Dave Ellis & Boo Howard
19th May Showcase Simplefolk
2nd June Concert Rattlebox
16th June Showcase Fried Pirates
7th July Concert Thorpe & Morrison
21st July Concert Bass & Taylor
4th August Concert Tosh Ewings/Two Crows
1st September Concert Gerry Colvin
15th September Concert Damien Barber & Mike Wilson
6th October Concert The Kitchenettes
20th October Showcase Martin Kaszac & Fara Afifi
3rd November Concert Thursday’s Band
17th November Concert Plumhall
1st December Concert Anthony John Clarke
15th December Christmas Party

Ticket prices:

£12 Concert/£8 Showcase (£2.00 discount for Friends of the Milkmaid)

Start Time: 8 pm